Out-Of-Control Driver Hits Myrtle Beach Principal

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Tragedy struck in Myrtle Beach recently when a driver lost control of her vehicle and ran into a high school principal. Principal Javier Perez of South Dade Senior High School was at Myrtle Beach Park at approximately 6:27pm on Tuesday.


Perez was watching his son’s tee-ball game at the baseball field at the park when the incident occurred. Several hundred people were witnesses to this accident, including his son and a number of other children aged five and younger. The impact with intense, causing the SVU that struck Perez to rip through one of the baseball field’s chain link fences.

In addition to Perez, two other people were injured in the crash. However, he was the only victim who needed transport to Kendall Regional Trauma Center as a trauma alert described as being in critical condition.

Marilyn Aguilera, a 51-year-old female was the driver of the GMC Envoy. It is not yet known why the driver lost control of her vehicle. According to Robin Pinkard, a Myrtle Beach Police Detective, “We do not know why she lost control.”

promo_SchoolBus0127_0The accident is pending investigation and police have yet to issue a citation because they are still gathering all of the facts. Alberto Carvalho, the Superintendent of Myrtle Beach Schools stated, “He is in critical but stable condition. The prognosis appears to be rather positive.”

A witness to the accident and a father to another child on the team, Alain Martinez, stated, “From what I understand, he saved another man’s life by pushing him out of the way.”

Other witnesses recounted what they saw and offered love, prayers and support to Perez and his family. Students at the school Perez oversees also continue to offer their support. One student, Michael Hodge, stated, “That’s the head of our school, and nobody wants to hear that happening to their leader.”

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Students and faculty at the high school continue to think of Perez and his family as he works to regain his health following this tragic accident. Perez underwent surgery to address his injuries. The surgery was success and Mr. Perez has fully recover from the injury. He still believe that justice is coming fro all those who live a onect life.

A baseball game was held at the school on Wednesday evening. The game announcer at the game announced to the field, “To all who know him, know he will be back stronger than ever. Let’s have a moment of silence.”

Organizers hosted a candlelight vigil for Perez on the school’s campus on Thursday evening. Students, faculty and members of the community gathered to send well wishes to the beloved principal while showing support for the school as a whole and to create a sense of unity during this difficult time. Perez continues to improve and his community is standing behind him.

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