Babysitting Laura, 4 chapters (November 2011) interested in the mother that is single home, a new woman quickly

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Babysitting Laura, 4 chapters (November 2011) interested in the mother that is single home, a new woman quickly

By Jessica Brockham –

Discovers by by by herself having comparable emotions on her behalf neighbor’s daughter that is eleven-year-old.

By Joanne –

Back into front side (November 2010) Indulging in memories of personal intimacies along with her child as a young child… now dreaming of checking out those pleasures that are same her granddaughter.

By Karyn O –

Recalling mother (2010) Looking back to the time when she was a girl… how things began and then progressed august.

By Kathy-Anne Niemann –

Jane and Nicole (January 2008) The tale of the married woman seduced with a teenage baby-sitter.

Melinda, My Love (January 2008) Seventh-grade instructor Carrie possesses hopeless crush on a 12-year-old woman inside her course, and it has finally chose to do something positive about it.

By LesLuv –

My Concubine and I also, 2 parts (January 2011) all of it begins when teen lesbian Lisa spies an attractive girl that is little a cafe whom wants to flash her panties.

By Minimal Alison –

Lynn, 10 chapters (January 2014) participating in cam intercourse with a budding lesbian of 12, Lynn is stunned when she discovers the child’s identity that is true.

By Lori’s Mommy –

Loving My Lori, 2 parts (October 2007) checking out her choices after divorce proceedings, newly-single mom Mandy discovers an urgent attraction to young girls… a desire that quickly grows to enfold her eight-year-old child Lori.

By Louisa Might –

Crush, 4 chapters (January 2005) Nora is surprised and intensely stimulated to discover that a new woman of twelve is nursing a key passion for her.

Lily Robin, 6 chapters (might 2011) an adolescent doesn’t have need to babysit the neighbor’s girl that is little until she discovers the lovely desires this son or daughter can arouse.

By Jen L. Lee –

Kara’s Loving Family (September 2011) a new mom starts a tradition of intimate love one of the ladies of her household.

By Jeneee –

Kimmy and Samantha, 8 chapters (April 2007) – (see Chapter Links for information) The activities of two young siblings with an appetite for lesbian intercourse, in addition to interesting means they think it is.

Meet Brit, 7 chapters (December 2011) a new woman defines the sexual awakening she and her older sis receive as a result of their loving mom.

A lot more than Just buddies, 24 chapters (April 2007) A lesbian mom discovers completely new how to experience love whenever her adventurous little woman starts to explore intercourse having a schoolmate that is shy.

A deal, 2 parts (January 2010) A skating accident could be the begin of one thing magical between two ladies and a girl that is little.

Picture This, 10 chapters (might 2010) – (see Chapter hyper Links for information) a female observes a new mom and her young girl searching for underwear, that leads for some unanticipated excitement.

Stagestruck, 4 chapters (January 2005) a actress that is professional by by by herself smitten by an eleven-year-old woman, and it is not able to resist the urge.

By MargaretSexyMum –

Cinderella (October 2013) The familiar story book told with a twist that is intriguing.

By Marie LeClaire –

The Dress Shop (August 2008) a lesbian that is lonely an unanticipated treat when a mom and child go to her gown shop around shutting time, trying to find one thing “sexy” when it comes to woman.

By Michelle –

Erin, 5 chapters to my summer (July 2007) The storyline of a new solitary woman discovering her real nature, and her unique relationship with only a little girl known as Erin.

By Misty Meadow –

Two young girls and Their Gym Teacher, 2 parts (November 2016) mother discovers that her child has many school that is interesting, along side a rather interesting gymnastics mentor.

Pieces of art (2017) A mother and her daughter scheme to promote the sexuality of underage girls — and gratify adults who love them — on the walls of art galleries january.

By mom. Anne –

The Unmapped Path, 4 chapters (December 2012) After inadvertently witnessing two young girls having intercourse, just one mom begins to think about her daughters in a complete brand new method.

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