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When does punishment be abuse?

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When does punishment be abuse?

Female, 13 yrs. Old, PA


When does punishment be abuse? Recently dad happens to be mad inside my cousin (a junior) for problems with their senior task. Corporal punishment has arrived into play, & sometimes my cousin cries. My mother exists, but she does not intervene frequently. Has it gone too much? Can I call for assistance?

Teen Line Wrote:

Thank you a great deal for calling Teen Line, i am so happy you reached away to us! It surely may seem like your bro is dealing with a whole lot at this time, and I also would like you to learn you did the right thing by calling Teen Line. Your dad has no right to harm your cousin in just about any feasible method. Moms and dads are meant to love you, which help you through crisis, exactly exactly just what he is doing is not appropriate. Then it is considered abuse if a parent is hurting a kid. This appears severe sufficient, at 800-852-8336 or text “TEEN” to 839863 for a text conversation 6pm-9pm PST that i recommend calling us.

We wonder in the event the bro has talked to someone else about it such as for instance a close buddy, college therapist, or anybody he trusts. Possibly that may additionally assist him have more information, and brand new techniques to cope with the problem, and additional actions you need to take. can be an organization that enables you to anonymously report son or daughter punishment it is necessary if you feel. Their number is 800-422-4453 available 24/7, and you may find more information on their web web site. is just a fantastic site that provides a lot of articles associated with your position too.

Many thanks for calling Teen Line!

Personally I think unsafe in my own foster house.

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