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Spying on Sebastian

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Spying on Sebastian

Following Sebastian’s resurrection and Jace, the Clave to his disappearance utilized the Mortal Sword to drag any type of information they might from Clary. Fourteen days after, the Clave de-prioritized the look for the 2, and she ended up being cleared from any wrongdoing. Desperate, Clary, Alec, Isabelle, and Simon went along to the Seelie Queen for assistance. The Seelie Queen requested two faerie rings kept in the New York Institute for information about Jace.

Clary secretly chose to take the bands without telling others, apart from Simon. While looking for the bands within the library, she caught a glimpse of Jace and Sebastian briefly showing up into the library and noticed she later relayed to the others that they were friendly with each other, which.

That evening Clary woke to locate Jace lying during sex along with her, asking her in the future with him. Soon after this, Sebastian joined the availabl space – that was found by Jocelyn, who screamed and alerted Luke. Right before the two left, Sebastian were able to stab Luke by having a silver dagger, however they promised to go back for Clary. Keep reading