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Dealing with a Slip and Fall


You’re out on a lovely Saturday, doing some retail therapy at the local mall. You have a bag in each hand and are leisurely walking from your favorite store back towards the exit when all of a sudden you find yourself flat on your back, new clothes scattered along the ground. Slowly you sit up and realize it hurts, so you lay back down, unsure of the damage your body may have sustained. Thankfully, a security guard witnessed your accident. He’s called the mall manager and is asking you whether you need an ambulance. What do you do next?

lawfrimMost retail locations have set procedures to deal with accidents and injuries. An experienced manager will know what information to gather from you. And yes, they’re doing it to protect themselves—but it can benefit you, too. The questions they are asking will generally be sent to their insurance carrier or an internal group that deals with injuries and loss prevention.

The first question will usually be whether you’d like them to call you an ambulance. If you feel severe pain, it may be wise to accept that offer to ensure that any injury is documented. You can also indicate that you are going to seek medical attention afterward, without an ambulance.

Afterwards, they will ask you for your name and telephone number. They may ask for more personal information like your address or date of birth, as well. They’ll ask you to tell them what happened and possibly take notes. It is important that you learn the manager’s name, as it helps provide a reference point for your accident and gives you someone to contact. After you’ve left, whether by ambulance or on foot, they’ll gather information from any witnesses and surveillance video. Once the paperwork is complete, it’ll be sent over to corporate, however it is likely that the manager will call you a couple of days after the accident to make sure you are ok. If you traveled by ambulance to seek medical attention, you may receive a call from the mall’s insurance company. They’ll be trying to determine if the mall was at fault and whether they’ll need to pay for your medical bills—and they’ll be trying to minimize their responsibility for any damages.

If you feel mall management was responsible for your accident, then it is important to contact a Florida personal injury lawyer. Many give free consultations and they’ll help you determine your next steps. A personal injury John Bales Attorneys will help you comb through your incident to see if they can find whether the mall management was negligent, whether that negligence led to your accident, and whether there was sufficient damage sustained to begin a personal injury claim.

Basically, they know the insurance company is concerned with taking care of their bottom line, not your medical bills and pain and suffering. A knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorney will help you navigate your way through filing a personal injury claim that can help you recover damages (i.e. money) to pay for medical bills incurred, as well as any work you may have missed.

The Law Dictionary claims only 5% of personal injury claims go to trial, meaning many personal injury claims are settled before they ever go to court, making it beneficial to file a claim if your Florida personal injury lawyer can clearly show negligence on the part of the mall management. There’s only one way to know, though, so call a John Bales lawyer today if you think you may have a case.

Preventable Injury During Birth Results in Boy’s Disability

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An 11 year old boy with severe cerebral palsy since birth will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. It won’t cure his disability, but the London High Courts recently ruled that he was entitled to $2.5 million. The reason for the compensation stems from the fact that ad the he and his mother received better car at the Walsall Manor Hospital during his birth, it’s likely he wouldn’t be disabled at all. After examining all the details of the case, the court ruled that the severe brain injury was the direct result of medical malpractice.


When she went into labor, there were complications that resulted in a prolonged labor which in turn caused the boy to be deprived of oxygen which resulted in his current cerebral palsy. The damage was extensive resulting in depleted cognitive and vocal damage. His mobility was also impacted by the difficult labor.


The reason the case found its way to the London High Court stems from the fact that the delivery room staff didn’t perform an emergency C-section when they realized that the birth was going to be more difficult than expected and that the baby was being deprived of oxygen.


Cerebral palsy isn’t always the result of medical malpractice, in some cases the medical community suspects that it’s caused by the fetus sustaining a head injury during development. Sometimes is the result of oxygen deprivation during labor which can often be avoided with careful monitoring and fast intervention.


Common causes of cerebral palsy include:

  • Rh incompatibility between mother and child
  • Fetal jaundice
  • Viral infections suffered by the mother during her pregnancy
  • Asphyxia


Some children go on to have normal lives despite cerebral palsy, especially if the case is mild. Others require a great deal of special therapy, medications, and specially designed equipment, all of which can put a substantial burden on the family. Particularly since most young families are already struggling to make ends meet.


If you suspect that your child developed cerebral palsy as a direct result the staff in the delivery room made, you should speak to a medical malpractice attorney in Tampa. They won’t be able to restore your child to perfect condition, but they can help you prove your case and make sure you get the financial compensation you need to ensure your child’s quality of life remains high.


Your medical malpractice attorney in Tampa does more than simply file paperwork and present your case in court. They also provide unflagging support while you adjust the unexpected change in your child’s life. When you have a medical malpractice attorney Tampa handle your child’s case, you can stop worrying about your legal issues and instead focus your attention on getting to know your new child.


The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney, the sooner you can take the steps that are needed to make sure your child’s financial future is secure so they can enjoy the highest possible quality of life.